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RECORD (Akio Nagasawa Edition)

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Signed / Limited Edition: 2000 (Japanese Edition)

While searching for “a minimum media for immediately printing photos taken in everyday life and showing them by hand to those around him”, Daido Moriyma launched a self-published photograph magazine “Records” in 1972.
Although the publication of this magazine was temporarily suspended in May in the following year when No. 5 issue was published, it was revived in 2006 and is continuously published even today.
A digest version of this magazine from No. 1 to No. 30 was published.
The reproduced photos are as large as the original, the postscripts by Moriyama himself are also included, and the number of the photos included amounts to 280.

“Records” can be said to be his starting point.
Please enjoy a long journey Moriyama has taken as a photographer.

  •  Hand-signed copies available
  • Language : Japanese
Book Size
285 x 218 ×35 mm
424 pages
hardcover / Special Sleeve case
Publication Date
Akio Nagasawa Publishing