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Eiichiro SAKATA

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Signed&Numbered / Limited Editions of 500

This is a photobook by photographer Eiichiro Sakata.
All pages are coated with polypropylene film, seamlessly reproducing the texture of the original crystal print.

Originally living alongside nature, at some point humans have begun to seek for rather comfortable and convenient ways of life. The urban lifestyle incorporating artificial nature is causing gradual changes also in the realm of nature.
The earth on which various forms of living organisms supposedly coexist in harmony is today facing a whole catalogue of problems, such as abnormal weather and deforestation as a result of global warming and greenhouse effects, which again triggers shortages of food and the extinction of species. Radioactive pollution and nuclear warfare cause fear of the extermination of life altogether.
The planet on which we live brims over with stress, and a society in which a lot of things don’t make sense is anything but a comfortable place to live.
Man has been building up a magnificent civilized society. If we manage to arouse the wisdom that lies asleep deep down in our soul, and change our world-views just a little bit, we will surely be able to make the society of the future a peaceful one.
Now is the time to share happiness!

Today it’s Stormy Weather, but it'll certainly be clear and sunny tomorrow!

– from afterword by Eiichiro Sakata

Book Size
B4 variant format
62 pages, 29 images, some pages are double-page spread
Hardcover, Cloth binding
Publication Date
Akio Nagasawa Publishing

Eiichiro SAKATA


Born 1941 in Tokyo. After graduating from the Department of Photography, College of Art, Nihon University, he joined Light Publicity Co., Ltd for one year, before going to the USA to study under Richard Avedon. He subsequently published Chumon no ooi shashinkan (The photo studio of many orders), Talking Faces, and a string of other ambitious works that up to that point were unthinkable in Japanese portrait photography. Sakata has been shooting portraits for the covers of Aera magazine since its launch in 1988, and as a result of his relentless work, the number of people he portrayed so far amount to more than 1,000. In 2004, the exhibition ”Piercing The Sky” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography attracted much attention. Sakata received a Domon Ken Award and a Photographer Award from The Photographic Society of Japan in 2005. In 2013, the “Enoshima” series focusing on “portraits without people” was shown at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, and caused quite a stir as a groundbreaking new venture.

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