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Works on Paper (Special Edition)

Marefumi Komura

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Limited Edition of 30 copies

A special edition of “Works on Paper” (hard cover version, signed & numbered) set in a special box with “Graphite on Paper 2019” and an original print (signed).

The image of original print is different for each book. Sorry, you can not choose an image.

"Works on Paper"
216 x 155mm
"Graphite on Paper 2019"
216 x 155mm
210 x 148mm
222 x 158 x 20mm
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Tags: aoyama

Marefumi Komura


1977, Japan
Lives and works in Tokyo.

Selected Exhibitions:
2018 Big Ship The Mass, Tokyo
2017 Ginza Morioka-Shoten, Tokyo
2016 Flower Huddle The Mass, Tokyo
2014 3331 Art Fair ‒Various Collectors' Prizes‒ 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
2014 Art Stage Singapore
2013 Why not live for Art? II - 9 collectors reveal their treasures Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo
2013 Small Painting Like Us Megumi Ogita Gallery, Tokyo
2013 Felt Like Painting Felt, Tokyo
2012 New Paintings Megumi Ogita Gallery, Tokyo
2013 Symbiosis Aki Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 XYZ Megumi Ogita Gallery, Tokyo
2011 Fragment Megumi Ogita Gallery, Tokyo
2009 Feeble Shanghai, China
2008 Painting and Drawing TCP gallery, Tokyo
2008 Faultiness frantic, Tokyo
2007 Untitled, Wall of Sound, Seattle, US
2006 NADA - New Art Dealers Alliance Art Fair Miami 2006
2006 Geisai 2006

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