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Orient Express; Un hiver…

Sarah MOON

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Limited Editions of 500

This large format booklet was published in conjunction with an exhibition, held at Villa Medici in Rome between March and May 2023.
The photographs are printed on large, unattached, newsprint-type sheets like a press newspaper.

Book Size
300 x 460 mm
40 pages
Publication Date
03. 2023
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Sarah MOON


Born 1941 in France. Started taking photographs while working as a model, and eventually embarked on her career as a photographer in 1970. Her activities range from editorials for fashion magazines and advertisements for fashion brands to the creation of commercials and videos. She won a Grand Prix (Lion d'Or) for her films for Cacharel at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (now Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity) in 1979, and in ’84, the Premio Grafico at the Bologna Children's Book Fair for her interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood. In 1995, she showcased her work in a retrospective exhibition at the Centre National de la Photographie in Paris, and received the Paris Photo Prize. Exhibitions in Japan include shows at Kahitsukan – Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art in 2002 and 2004. She was awarded the Premio Nadar for Sarah Moon 12345, published in 2008. Her dream-like photographs have been fascinating hordes of fanatical fans around the world. She is one photographer whose exhibition in Tokyo is long overdue.

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