Takayuki OGAWA

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Book Size
240 x 210 x 18 mm
161 page
Publication Date
Akio Nagasawa Publishing

Takayuki OGAWA


Born 1936 in Tokyo. After learning photographic techniques at Nihon University College of Art, joined the photography department at Bungeishunju Ltd. He left the company in ’65 to work as a freelance photographer and cameraman for magazines, advertisements and TV commercials. His series of photos shot in New York between 1967 and ’68 has been named “New York Is” by his close friend, photographer Robert Frank. While adopting a documentary style, Ogawa portrays the streets of New York from a personal, subjective point of view, in a somewhat stylish fashion that explicitly suggests his unique aesthetic. After returning to Japan, Camera Mainichi magazine dedicated the first 41 pages of their September ’68 issue to the photographer who went on to win a Newcomer Award from the Japan Photo Critics Association in the same year. Collections of Ogawa’s works are being kept at George Eastman House (USA), Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Kawasaki City Museum and Nihon University among others. He died of emphysema in 2008.