Special Edition, Signed

Silent Mode: MOLE UNIT No.5 (Special Edition) B

Masato SETO

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Signed / Limited Editions of 10

A special edition of the book Silent Mode (MOLE UNIT No.5) with one original archival pigment print.
Print signed and numbered on verso.

Book Size
295 x 225 mm
Softcover, box
Publication Date
1996 (Book), 2021 (Special Edition)
Publisher (Book)
Publisher (Special Edition)
Akio Nagasawa Publishing
Archival Pigment Print
Sheet size
253 x 203 mm
Image size
233 x 156 mm
Tags: silent mode

Masato SETO


Born 1953 in Thailand. After graduating from the Tokyo School of Photography (now Tokyo Visual Arts), he became Masahisa Fukase’s assistant, and in 1981 went independent as a freelance photographer. In ’87, Seto and Michio Yamauchi opened the gallery PLACE M in Shinjuku. Received the 21st Kimura Ihei Award for Silent Mode (’95) and Living Room, Tokyo (’96), and the Shincho Gakugei Award for his autobiographical essay Tooi to Masato (’99). Other photo collections include Bangkok, Hanoi 1982 -1987 (’90), and binran (‘08), a series of photographs of Taiwanese women selling betel nuts in glass cases with electric spectaculars by the roadside, for which he received the Photographic Society of Japan’s Annual Award. In addition to being a photographer, his wide-ranging work in the field of photography includes functioning as a judge at the Kimura Ihei Award.

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