Book Signing | Simon Yotsuya + Takio Sugawara


To commemoration the publication of Takio Sugawara "Yotsuya Simon Journey to Beller (Aiiku-shuppan)"
We will hold an autograph session by Yotsuya Simon & Takio Sugawara.

-Date:2016.12.25/ Start at 14:00~
-No reservations necessary.

Simon's Journey to Bellmer

Doll-creator Simon Yotsuya's journey to Poland, it was a journey to think
about Hans Bellmer by whom he was shocked in his twenties and according whom
he decided his course as doll-creator. So, it also was a journey to
rediscover himself for Simon.

First journey to Poland / A Stroll in Warsaw / The Arrival to Katowice / The
Walking in Krakow, the ancient city / Auschwitz / About the preparation of
the exhibition and the impression of Katowice / The Opening / Wroclaw, the
dreamlike city / Departure from Katowice / From Warsaw to Moscow

These contents are clear report which tells the detail of Simon Yotsuya's
exhibibition in 2010 which was held in Katowice, the city where Bellmer was
born, and the journey for its preparation.

◆Author / Takio Sugawara
◆Director / Simon Yotsuya
◆Price / \2,000 (without tax)
◆Size / 19cm×13cm, 168pages
◆Publisher / Aiiku-shuppan publishing
◆Publication Date / 2016/17

◆Profile of the Author
Born 1954 in Yamagata prefecture. Graduated Tsuruoka minami high-school.
Unfinished Tokyo Metropolitan University (the faculty of humanities).
Simon Yotsuya's assistant from 1999.
Realized Simon's participation in the exhibition 'Poupee' at Halle
Saint-Pierre Paris in 2004 and in the exhibition in Poland in 2010.