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Born 1940 in Tokyo. Began to publish his works in photography magazines and elsewhere while still enrolled at the Department of Photography, College of Art, Nihon University. After working for Nippon Design Center, he became a freelance photographer in 1966. While working mainly as a fashion photographer, he has been publishing his works in numerous magazines such as Camera Mainichi. He produced a large number of masterful works including Alice, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and Nadia, containing photos of an Italian fashion model (both 1973), and has since been continuously operating in the front lines of his field. Photo books include Nadia: Forest Sprite, Alice (both 1973), Taste of Honey ('90), 60's and 60's 2 (2001), and kinky ('09) and Nadia('16).



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Showa is a photo book born from the artistic collaboration between Hajime Sawatari and actress Hiroko Isayama.

※Condition : Foxing, Sunned


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A new publication from Akio Nagasawa Publishing: RAFUZOU by Hajime Sawatari. This is a collection of shots from the nude series that the photographer took in 1983 with a Polaroid 20x24 camera.

Nadia b/w & color 2vol. set

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Nadia, oh Nadia
Where are you?
In the wonderlands of this world,
you are always near my heart,
and there you lie asleep even now
From time to time you talk in your sleep,
“Wasn’t the camera good back then!”

– Kazuko Shiraishi wrote the poetry for this book.

Long out of print and frequently selected for "best of photography books", we present a new edition of this work which has rightfully become a legend of its genre. The two types of publication; b&w (black & white) and color books are published simultaneously.
This new edition of Nadia, to include a lot of unpublished works.


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Works by Hajime Sawatari in which the photographer captures model Hiroko Arahari as he meets her for the first time, falls in love with her and finally marries her. These photographs that retain the flavor of the 60s are simultaneously a documentation of a love between two individuals and a collaboration between two artists in which reality and imagination merge to create a unique world.

  • There is a small split on the back of the cover due to deterioration over time.

RECORD Extra Issue No.1 [Daido Moriyama x Hajime Sawatari]

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Daido Moriyama and Hajime Sawatari have organized a competitive performance for the first time in decades of fellowship. It is a bound volume of a pair of two works of “SNAP” by Moriyama and “TAO” by Sawatari. It incorporates 66 items of Moriyama and 86 items of Sawatari. The cover is a portrait photograph in which Moriyama took a picture of Sawatari and Sawatari took a picture of Moriyama.

Condition: Due to its age, it might show a slight sign of wear including tiny tears or scratches.

Simon, The Actor

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Simon, The Actor is a series of works presented at the exhibition of “Portraits of Yotsuya Simon by Ten Photographers” held at the Kinokuniya Gallery in 1972 and is mostly made up of unpublished works. Please look at the encounter between the phenomenal Simon Yotsuya and the unparalleled photographer, Hajime Sawatari.