Open! Issei Suda "Rei"

New Release

Photo report of opening reception.
It was a rainy day, but Eiichiro Sakata, Hajime Sawatari, Kou Inose and Daido Moriyama came to congratulate the Exhibition.


In this series he has been quietly working on over the last few years, Suda focuses on mannequins in show windows in the Ginza area at the break of day.

One particularly appealing quality of Suda’s previous work has been the vague kind of sensuality that Japanese lyricism is charged with, whereas here this aspect is not only brought to the fore, but Suda unreservedly makes it the very target of his approach.

Also on display in a separate exhibition room in addition to the above-mentioned new “Rei” is a series of Suda’s very early photographs, titled “Early Works”, making the show an excellent opportunity to study the path of Suda’s multifaceted photographic journey by comparing his earliest and the latest efforts.

We are looking forward to your visit.


Issei Suda"Rei"
6/19 - 7/26/2015
Gallery hours:11:00-19:00
Closed on Monday,Tuesday
*The Gallery will be open on Monday,July 20,as this day is a public holiday.