Event Report_Yoshito Ohno Special Performance


About a week has passed since the opening of William Klein’s “TOKYO 1961” exhibition.
Lastday, on December 13th, Yoshito Ohno gave a special performance.

Mr. Ohno appeared on stage as a paper boy, advertising “extra edition, extra edition!”
The actual performance started with a kind of Butoh dance that was reminiscent of the Shimbashi/Ginza area back at the time when the photographs were made.

A performance against the backdrop of a photograph showing himself was finally realized more than fifty years after the photo was shot.
The venue was packed with fans of both Ohno and Klein who didn’t want to miss this miraculous event.
Among them was Daido Moriyama.
Mr. Ohno, the dancer, and Mr. Moriyama, the photographer…

The performance closed with a hand puppet dance by Mr. Kazuo Ohno – in fact nothing more and nothing less than the dance of Kazuo Ohno himself. Some people in the audience were visibly moved to tears. It was for all a dense experience that must have carved some fleeting yet beautiful traces into their hearts.

William Klein’s exhibition “TOKYO 1961” is open through Sunday, January 18. Also available is the photo book TOKYO 1961 that was published in conjunction with the exhibition.
We are looking forward to your visit!