Born 1939 in Tokyo. Started writing poems as a student of Japanese Literature at Keio University, from where he developed in various directions while continuously creating groundbreaking works at the frontline of contemporary poetry, and staging performances incorporating poetry recitals at locations around the globe. Since the 1980s, he has been producing photographs and copper plate engravings on a full scale, which have been exhibited at solo shows in Japan and abroad. Published collections of poems include Ogon shihen (Anthology of Golden Age Poetry) (’70), A thousand steps (’79), Osiris, The God of Stone (’84), Rasenka (’90), At the Entrance to the House of Fireworks (’01), and Gorogoro (’04), as well as the video DVD gozoCinè (’09). He received the Mainichi Art Award for omote-gami in 2009, and in 2013, the Order of the Rising Sun. Designated as Person of Cultural Merits, and honorary citizen of Fussa City.

Exhibitions of Gozo YOSHIMASU

AKIO NAGASAWA Inaugural Exhibition

Kou INOSE, Takayuki OGAWA, Takashi KIJIMA, Seiji KURATA, Eiichiro SAKATA, Hajime SAWATARI, Toshio SHIBATA, Issei SUDA, Masato SETO, Yoshihiro TATSUKI, Masatoshi NAITO, Sakiko NOMURA, Daido MORIYAMA, Eikoh HOSOE, Masayuki YOSHINAGA, Gozo YOSHIMASU, Kohei YOSHIYUKI, William KLEIN, Sarah MOON

11/5 - 11/30/2014
AKIO NAGASAWA Inaugural Exhibition
2014.11.5(Wed.) - 11.30(Sun.)
Gallery hours:11:00-19:00
Closed on Monday,Tuesday
*The Gallery will be open on Monday,November 24,as this day is a public holiday.