Born in Hokkaido in 1955
In 2008, started the project “Roadside Lights” with vending machines.
Published in many media such as CNN, BBC, SPIGEL.

[Selected Solo Exhibitions]
2023 “Roadside Lights” AKIO NAGASAWA Gallery, Tokyo
2018 “Roadside Lights” Marianne Cat Gallery, Marseille
2018 “Roadside Lights” Case Tokyo, Tokyo
2018 “Roadside Lights” Case Rotterdam, Rotterdam
2017 “Roadside Lights” Galerie&c0119, Pars
2017 “Roadside Lights” Zen Photo gallery, Tokyo
2017 “Existence of” Epson imaging gallery, Tokyo
2016 “Roadside LightsⅣ” KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza, Tokyo
2015 “Roadside LightsⅢ” KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza, Tokyo
2014 “Roadside LightsⅡ” NIKON SALON, Tokyo
2013 “Roadside Lights” Continental gallery, Sapporo
2013 “Roadside Lights” KONIKA MINOLTA Plaza, Tokyo
2011 “Roadside Lights〜Light in a wayside” Continental gallery, Sapporo
2011 “Roadside Lights〜Light in a wayside” I.P.C Tokyo Hiro, Tokyo
2007 “Silk Road〜Afterimage of a relief” Fuji film photo salon Tokyo, Tokyo

[Selected Group Exhibitions]
2021 Sapporo Parallel Museum, Sapporo
2021 Photograph Town Higashikawa Prize-winning artist outdoor photo exhibition, Higashikawa
2021 Sapporo Art Exhibition "After Dark" Sapporo Art Museum, Sapporo
2017 in print, out of print Photo Books Nara City photo art museum, Nara
2017 RAIEC WAVE Mirage Gallery, Kobe
2016 RAIEC Tokyo 331 Art Chiyoda, Tokyo
2014 “DARK ROOM MEETING2015” Continental gallery, Sapporo
2014 “Expressed picture Hokkaido” Continental gallery, Sapporo
2012 “Living with photography” I.P.C Tokyo Hiro, Tokyo

2018 Higashikawa International Photo Festival Special Photographer Prize
2017 2017 Photo-eye Best Books
2017 Critical Mass Top50

Exhibitions of Eiji OHASHI

Roadside Lights 2


2/8 - 3/2/2024
GALLERY HOURS | Thu.–Sat. 11:00–13:00, 14:00–19:00
CLOSED | Sun–Wed., National Holidays

Roadside Lights


2/3 - 3/11/2023
* The artist will be at the gallery on March 9-11.

GALLERY HOURS | Thu.–Sat. 11:00–13:00, 14:00–19:00
CLOSED | Sun–Wed., National Holidays

*Depending on COVID-19, the exhibition period and the content may be changed.

Cooperation: Case Publishing

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