Ana Scripcariu-OCHIAI


She began exploring ways to take root in her two home countries, Japan and Romania.

It has the theme of "connection between land and people."

She has performed cultural and anthropological field work such as indigenous festivals and folk religions in various parts of Japan and abroad. In recent years, she has been involved in the field of primatology as an extension of her work. She produces installation, photography, movie, painting, and multiple works.

While confronting the chain of discrimination and friction between communities, she creates the "moment where things come into contact and transcend time, distance, land and ethnicity."

Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1992.

She graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in oil painting, and then head of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Completed the Global Art Practice major at the same university.

Currently, she is a sculpture doctoral student at the same university, and has presented works both in Japan and overseas as an artist.

portrait ©️KotetsuNakazato

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Ana Scripcariu-OCHIAI

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